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What is CarFish? is the new way to search for a brand new car and used cars online. Much like or, CarFish makes it easy to find new cars for sale or a quality used car to buy that's available in your local area.

CarFish is setup so that popular search engines can easily find a  new car or second hand used car pages on the site and display the results with images, new car prices contact details of the dealer and lots more. However unlike or, CarFish does not display ads, sell your personal information or even make a commission when you buy a car. If you're looking to buy new cars or in the market for a good quality low-cost used car, search on

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When you're fishing for a new or used car, remember CarFish. It's the easy way to find new cars for sale in your local area.

Why CarFish?

Let's just be honest, going online to find that new car can be an uncomfortable experience. It's bad enough when you visit your local dealership, but the same high pressure can be felt when you search for cars online.

Let's take Bob for example. He is searching used cars online that are available in his local area. After a few searches and before he even knows what happened, he ends up on a third party lead generating website like Edmunds, AutoTrader or Cars.

None of these websites can actually sell a car or buy a new or used car. They simply list the cars that someone else wants to sell, and they won't help you find a car dealer either. Not realizing this, Bob searches the used cars section of website's inventory to find cars he's interested in.

Now that he is ready to buy a brand new car or maybe a used car, he is prompted to fill out a form before proceeding to find a car dealer and talk to the person that can buy a car from . Once the form is submitted, the site then takes his information and sells it back to the dealership with the cars that Bob is interested in.

Not wanting to leave any money on the table, these third party lead generating auto sites will take that same auto lead and sell it to four or five other auto dealerships in Bob's area. Some will even go further than that by selling new car leads to banks, lenders and insurance companies.

At this point Bob's phone is ringing off the hook with anxious auto salesmen pushing a car that they want to move regardless if it's even close to the car that Bob filled out a lead form for. In addition, his inbox is filling up with emails that contain a list of new car prices and used cars from local dealers.

Beyond that Bob is now receiving offers from banks and leaders trying to sell him a new car loan. It's important to remember that the other guys want to keep you away from your local auto dealer because they want to turn their traffic into auto leads that they can sell to the auto dealerships.

How is CarFish Different When Buying A New Or Used Car?

Let's take the same example of Bob searching for new cars for sale in his local area. He gets online and searches for a brand new car, or good quality low-cost used cars. The search engine returns millions of pages based on what Bobby is looking for.

Fortunately for Bob, CarFish's used cars for sale pages show up near the top of the search because Bob was specific when he did his search for cars online. He clicks and visits the car listing page on CarFish. He searches in the cars for sale on the CarFish site and finds the exact used car that he's looking for at a second hand used car dealer in his local area.

The used cars for sale that he finds are listed in nicely formatted pages that make it easy to connect directly with the local dealer where they're located.

Next Bobby connects directly to the car dealership picking up the phone and calling the dealership directly, sending an email to them or filling out a "dealer exclusive" lead form. With any of these options, CarFish gets out of the way and connects Bob directly with his car dealership with the car that he wants to buy.

Even if a dreaded lead form is filled out, this information is sent one time to one place the dealership that sells used cars, one of which Bob is interested in. Bob then sets an appointment to test drive the second hand used car that he's interested in.

Once he's at the dealer, he sees a few other used cars for sale and decides on one. Everything is going Bob's way. He's in control the whole time and isn't bombarded with phone calls or junk emails.

With CarFish it's simple. One lead goes to one auto dealership. This is because we don't resell your personal information. Also, there are no ads on the site. We want to help you find your brand new car or used car that is available in your area, not try to sell you a new car you're not interested in.

Lastly, because we don't collect a commission, CarFish will connect you directly to your local auto dealership as quickly as possible. In other words, unlike the other auto websites, we won't hold you hostage.

Auto Inventory Listing Service

To auto dealers CarFish is the solution they have been waiting for. CarFish is the affordable way to get your inventory listed online in a way that gets the attention of search engines like Google. We know what it's like, you have new car inventory that you have to keep moving. You probably spend thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars each month with third party lead generating websites.

You feel like you have to have your auto inventory listed on these sites otherwise other auto dealers are going to make the sales. Basically, you're trapped. To make things worse, your dealership's website just isn't showing up on search engines very well.

Local searching customers just aren't finding your auto dealer website so new car and used car sales are down. So what's an auto dealer to do with so many new cars for sale and little so little exposure online?

CarFish is here to help

CarFish is the new automotive inventory listing website that is built from the ground up with search engines in mind. CarFish is also the only online auto listing service that we know of that is optimized for localized searches. By utilizing this exclusive search engine technology that is only available from CarFish, you can insure that your dealership's auto inventory gets found by local customers who are searching for cars for sale.

How It Works

After you sign up to become a CarFish dealer, your auto dealer's inventory is automatically updated up to four times a day to appear on Besides your inventory, CarFish also sets up specialized landing pages for your dealership that are optimized for your local area. These additional pages help visitor buy a car from a car dealer near them. Dealer pages can also be optimized with additional service that you offer.

For example your dealership might offer buying used cars or have a service department. Now that everything is in place, it's time connect with customers fishing for a new car or a used car.

CarFish built from the ground up just the way that search engines want it to be. What this means to you is that search engines will be able to easily find and list your automotive inventory and link searching customers directly to your cars for sale.

Let's compare this to most of the other auto listing sites out there. When someone in Florida is searching for a used car, the search listings for the other guys might return results for used cars for sale that are in Alaska. That's just not going to cut it. Because their listings aren't optimized for location, the searching customer is going to have to redo their search once they're on one of these auto lead generating sites.

CarFish on the other hand wants people to use their favorite search tool to find the cars listed within the CarFish website. In other words, we do our job the right way from the beginning so customers can find the car they're looking for that's available in their local area and they'll find this particular car using their favorite search engine that they use for everything else.

Another advantage to presenting a new car or used cars on CarFish is that is built with mobile searching in mind. This means that the site will format itself to display on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. No matter what screen people are using to search for new and used cars, the webpage that contains the auto listing will look great.

Why Choose Your New Or Used Car From Us

Let's get right down to it. CarFish is completely different than all other auto listing services out there. CarFish is affordable, exclusive and dealer-friendly. No other auto listing service can make such bold claims.

Affordable means that you as an auto dealer pay a small fee per car per month to be listed on the CarFish website. This is an all-you-can-eat model. Beyond the small monthly listing fee, you pay nothing further. This pricing model allows us to not have to charge per auto lead or charge a sales commission when you buy a car.

Exclusive means that you receive the phone calls, emails and leads directly from the customer. Your leads are never sold or given out to your competitors. Your leads are your leads.

Dealer-Friendly simple means that CarFish conducts itself in a way that favors the auto dealerships. Your auto dealer has the cars for sale and you maintain the relationship with the customer who buys a car from you. CarFish is simply the easy way to connect searching customers to your dealership.

If you're an auto dealer looking for the best way to get your inventory listed on search engine ready pages, call us today at 800 430-1593

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