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CarFish is a new online automotive listing service that helps auto dealers gain exposure on search engines and increase sales. Utilizing the cutting-edge, proprietary Internet technology, CarFish allows automotive dealers to get the most exposure for their automotive inventory at the lowest possible cost. Really, isn't that what it's all about? We make it easy for car shoppers to find their perfect next car (which just happens to be at your dealership).

Surveys indicate that over 90% of people shopping for a new or used car will use the Internet as the initial tool to search for a car. If your cars aren't showing up in search results, chances are customers will not be purchasing their next car from you. CarFish bridges this gap by insuring that your inventory is listed in the perfect way so search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will connect searching customers to your dealership.

"When people go fishing for a new car, they'll find you on CarFish."


Let's face it, there are plenty of other automotive listing websites -- AutoTrader,, Edmunds and KBB to name a few. None of these sites can actually sell a customer a car, but they still manage to do a good job of inserting themselves between your auto dealership and a searching customer.

Here's the real deal... Your dealership has spent millions or more dollars to have the right to sell new and used cars to your local area. Beyond that, you spend even more money to market and advertise to your local area. Customers hear about your auto dealership, a new car or a special from one of your commercials on TV or radio. They in turn respond by searching online for your dealership, the car they want or the special they're interested in. AutoTrader,, Edmunds and KBB, etc. then insert themselves into the search engine results and capture the customer's contact information. After they have successfully kept a customer from connecting with you, they sell the lead back to your dealership. Just think about that. You generated the initial interest and now a third party lead generating website has taken the customer away from you and they'll hold them hostage until you pay a ransom fee. To add insult to injury, they will gladly turn around and sell the same lead to five or six other dealerships that are your direct competitors!

Some third party lead generating websites will even start the conversation with a searching customer by sending them an email to present other cars from other dealerships. Think about that. The customer has expressed an interest in one of your cars and the third party lead site sends them back an email introducing them to your competitor's automotive inventory!

Other sites are so sneaky, they'll take your inventory and host it without your knowledge on hundreds of their "affiliate" websites. Then they sell ads on these websites against the visitor traffic that your inventory is generating. Let that one sink in. They're making money off of something you're paying them for. Worse yet, they'll gladly sell your competitor a nice sized banner ad or skyscraper positioned directly above or beside the car your dealership is selling.

As if that's not bad enough, the hits just keep on coming. They just never stop coming up with new ideas of how to make more money off of your inventory. You know the lead form the interested customer fills out after they find a car that they want? Well, why just sell that lead back to you and five, six or seven other dealerships? That would be leaving money on the table. Some sites will roll those leads up again and resell them to insurance companies, credit reporting companies, banks, financing companies, etc. The customer never even knows what hit them.

If you're an auto dealer, we need to talk. We know what you're going through and how you're being taking advantage of. You're held hostage by third party lead generating websites. We know some dealerships that are paying as much as $10,000 to $20,000 per month for leads. Others are being extorted by "territory exclusive" deals with minimum monthly spends. Really, the bottom line is the mafia ain't got nothing on third party lead generating websites. These sites really know how to shake you down and then some.


1) CarFish = Dealership Friendly

We like to think of CarFish as the "dealer-friendly" alternative to third party lead generating sites like KBB, Edmunds, AutoTrader and With CarFish, the dealer is king. After all, you have the cars and you're the one selling them. Everything CarFish does is respectful and fair to the dealerships that entrust us with their inventory.

2) CarFish Doesn't Charge for Leads

Unlike other sites, CarFish exists to connect searching customers with your dealership. CarFish doesn't need to insert itself between you and your customers, capture a lead and sell it back to you. In fact, CarFish never charges for leads. As quickly as possible, we want to connect customers to your dealership. So whether a customer fills out a lead form, sends an email or picks up the phone and calls, everything is routed directly to your dealership.

3) No Advertising

Simple enough? CarFish will never sell ads against your inventory. We're here to connect customers to your dealership and help you move cars. Why would we want to distract site people who are searching your inventory with banner ads and other nonsense? How would that help you sell cars?

4) Exclusive Leads

All leads generated from CarFish are the exclusive property of the dealership whose inventory generated the lead. We will never resell leads to anyone else. All communication to the customer is about your dealership and how to connect with you. No introducing them to your competitor's dealership and no special offers from other dealers. It's your car. It's your lead.

5) Phone Calls Go Directly to Your Dealership

Again, CarFish wants to connect searching customers to your dealership as soon as possible. Unlike the other guys, we don't make money by keeping a customer away from you, capturing their information and selling leads back to you.

6) No Distributing Inventory to Other Sites

CarFish places your inventory on only one website, That's it. No bait and switch. We will never distribute your inventory to other websites or companies.

7) Focus on Search Engines

In case you haven't heard, Google rules the world right now. CarFish was designed from the ground-up just the way that Google and other search engines want it to be. What that means to you is, we make sure that every auto listing page is set up perfectly to get the best results possible on search engines. No games and no tricks. CarFish has done the hard work to gain the attention and respect of all the major search engines.

8) Localized Search

Speaking of search, do you really care about a customer in Alaska when your dealership is in Florida? CarFish is specifically designed to optimize for local searches. What this means to you is, local customers looking for cars will find you. These are the customers you want. They're already in your local area and they're looking for you. With CarFish we'll make sure they find you.

9) Easy-to-Use, User-Friendly Website

CarFish is designed to be the easiest way to search for and find a car. You can think of CarFish as a search engine for cars. It's really that easy and fun to use no matter what screen or device you're using to access it.

10) Optimized for Mobile

Experts estimate that mobile searches will soon surpass all other types of searching. The smart phone can no longer be ignored or an afterthought when it comes to connecting with auto searching customers. CarFish was designed from the day one with mobile searches in mind. In fact, CarFish is simple and fun to use no matter what device you're using. We make fishing for your next car easy.

11) Latest Internet Technology

Okay, AutoTrader has had its heyday and it's really time to put the dinosaur to rest. Really, just look at other automotive websites. They all look the same, like they were designed in the 90s (probably because they were). It's time for something new.

With CarFish we utilize the latest cutting-edge, proprietary Internet technology to deliver an easy and fun experience to auto searching customers. Other sites are difficult to navigate and just seem to be punishing their visitors. Because CarFish uses the latest Internet technologies, fishing for a car on CarFish is a simple and fun easy experience, much like doing a search online or playing a game on your smart phone.


CarFish is completely free for the first 60 days. That's how much we believe in CarFish. We want you to try it out for free. There's no obligation to continue afterwards. We just want a chance to prove to you that CarFish works. If you decided to continue using CarFish after you try it, you pay a small monthly fee per car. CarFish is currently 99 cents per car per month. (Services are provided on a month to month basis. There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time. Minimum charge of $499/month.)

There are many advantages to our pricing model. The first is that CarFish is really an all-you-can eat buffet. You get all the emails, phone calls and leads. Your price doesn't go up based on activity. (We want you to be as successful as possible.) Secondly, we never withhold your leads from you and ask for more money. Thirdly, because we don't make money from leads or when you sell a car, we never have to haggle over whether a car sold as a result of CarFish. Fourthly, there are no surprise bills. You know what you're paying for based on the amount of cars you choose to list.

Really, the best aspect of our pricing model is that it lets us connect searching customers with your dealership instantly. Unlike the other guys, we have no incentive to keep the customers away from you and turn them into a lead. Because of this, all phone calls, emails and leads are routed directly to your dealership.


CarFish was created by DealerTraction. DealerTraction's leadership is a group of guys that have a combined 50 years in the automotive business. They have performed work for Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Mazda as well as IBM's automotive group. DealerTraction was initially started to assist dealerships with their online marketing by delivering better automotive websites, automotive lead sites, search engine marketing and automotive search engine optimization.


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