Middlesex County is located in the heart of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Just a short half hour's drive from Boston, Middlesex County is a region rich in history and natural beauty. Home to the historic towns of Lowell, Lexington and Concord all of which experienced the three revolutions that forever changed the way Americans Live. With so many great historic places to see, you can spend days in Middlesex County immersed in our great American History. One of the most popular destinations is the town of Concord, which played a significant role our three periods of American history. The town was the scene of the first battle of the American Revolution. Often referred to as the "Flowering of New England", Concord was home to some of the greatest minds in America. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bronson Alcott, and his daughter Louisa May Alcott. Because of them, visitors, both literary and transcendental, flocked to this town which became an American Athens. Nearby towns of Lexington and Lowell are also full of great American history.

Cities Served in Middlesex

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